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Brazil has the best climate for poultry farming in the world which gives our chicken the best life span and healthy grouth, Brazil Poultry Farming See more at :

Few countries in the world have the vocation that Brazil has naturally acquired to be recognized internationally as one of the “Barns of the World”. In poultry farming it has been no different. Currently, over 150 markets import chicken that is “made in Brazil”.

The quality of Brazilian poultry and the efficiency of Brazil’s chicken production has made the country the world’s largest poultry exporter and second largest … In Brazil the poultry farming employs more than 3.6 million people direct or indirectly, and accounts for around 1.5% of the National Gross Domestic Product.

More than 4 million tons embark from Brazilian ports. This represents nearly one third of the total production.

Technological excellence in genetics, handling and settings have guaranteed increased production that has positioned Brazil as the world’s third largest producer of chicken meat, with over 12 million tons per year of this protein.

This production chain is composed of dozens of agribusinesses all over the country in regions that are known for their European and Asian colonies.

There are also major egg production centers. The largest of these is located in a city called Bastos that is internationally known as one of the greatest producers in the world. Brazil Poultry Farming

All these components of the chain contribute towards the greatness of the Brazilian poultry business, its quality, health aspects and efficiency that guarantee the presence of Brazilian products on the table of consumers in all five continents.

Best Brazil Chicken Brands