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All of our wholesale chicken products are inspected by hand | Buy Halal Frozen Chicken Paws Suppliers , to ensure the highest standard of quality is met and maintained. 
Listed below is a selection of products, many are available both Fresh and Frozen. Buy Halal Fresh Chicken Paws Prices are available on request.

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We are one of the Brazil’s leading producer/supplier of fresh and frozen chicken with a proud history of industry expertise alongside a deep understanding of the entire supply chain, from production to distribution.

Buy Halal Frozen Chicken Paws

Buy Halal Frozen Chicken Paws Suppliers as We are world class Sellers and exporters of wholesale Halal Frozen Chicken Paws . Our frozen Chicken are of high quality and 100% Pastured Halal Chicken developed to specification by our expert veterinarians, No added hormones. As established frozen pork wholesaler, we source our frozen pork cuts directly renowned pork producers in Brazil, USA and Europe.

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Halal Fresh Chicken Paws Suppliers

Top manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of quality frozen chicken paws Quality : Grade A Average Weight : 40-50 grams/piece Average Length : 12~15 cm /piece Freezing Process : BQF(Block Quick Frozen) Shelf Life : 24 months Our poultry has no extra water & is an excellent source of all-natural vitamins & minerals, & likewise high in protein. The regional poultry farms that provide our production satisfy the highest possible Brazil criteria to ensure that high quality & safety and security are a top priority for our products.

Buy Halal Fresh Chicken Paws

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b) Product Appearance :

– Clean
– No Yellow Skin
– No Feathers
– No Bad Smell
– No Blood
– No Black Pad
– No Bruise
– No Chemical Burns
– Outer Hard Nail Removed
– Ice Content 0.3 %
– Broken Bones Less Than 0.5%
– Moisture Less Than 2%
– No Black Spot

c) Frozen Requirements :

– Blasted at: minus 40 degrees Celsius
– Storage at: minus 20 degrees Celsius.
– Temperature during Transportation: minus 18 degrees Celsius
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