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Whether you seek a reliable poultry meat supplier for your personal or commercial needs, the Best Brazil Chicken Brands company is the answer. We own dozens of sustainable farms across Mexico and Brazil, where we raise chickens in ethical and humane conditions. The feed we give to our poultry contains all the nutrients required for the birds' adequate growth and health. The right care and nutritious diet make our chickens the best for further processing. We carefully control each stage of production to bring the best poultry meat to your table. With us, you can wholesale chicken wings that do not only meet the international food standards but also come at budget-saving prices.

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Wholesale Chicken Wings

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Wholesale Chicken Wings

Two Joint Chicken Wings


We pride ourselves on distributing our high-grade, pesticide-free poultry meat worldwide, ensuring prompt and safe delivery to most European countries, Canada, China, and the US. We comply with all the accepted sanitary norms while storing and transporting chicken parts. That is why you can rest assured your order will come to you fresh. We utilize specific packaging techniques to ensure the long shelf life of our cheap chicken wings for sale. Choose us as your supplier and enjoy the stable provision of ready-to-cook poultry parts that will greatly add to your restaurant business or meat products manufactury. There are also a lot of amateur cooks among our clients. If you love to experiment with your favorite meaty products or develop new recipes, we will be happy to supply you with the best chicken wings on sale. The taste of our organic meat products will pleasantly surprise you.

Why should you order chicken wings in bulk at our store?

We have been in the animal farming industry for more than 60 years now. For this time, we have gained significant experience in processing and storing meat. We own over 4,000 facilities in Brazil and Mexico that enable us to butcher about 34 million chickens weekly. Thanks to our advanced storing and processing techniques, we can accept bulk chicken wings orders. At the same time, our ramified logistics network enables us to cooperate with the distributors globally. There are only a few poultry meat suppliers that have the same production capacity. Count on us if you want to buy pesticide-free chicken wings in bulk without carrying the burden of expensiveness. Please your clients with grade-A poultry, which is rich in protein and other valuable nutrients. To have us as your poultry supplier will work wonders for your profits.

Our company is your best place to buy chicken wings in bulk

An ethical approach to chicken breeding, huge industrial facilities, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the right poultry packaging, and the ramified logistic network are only a few of the competitive advantages that make us a leader in the animal production market. You won’t find another team of qualified specialists in poultry breeding and processing who put so much love and passion into it as we do. Order our chicken wings on sale to see what high-quality meat really is.